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    Dungeon Rampage

    Dungeon Rampage is a hack -n- slash, dungeon crawler that is heavily inspired by popular titles such as Blizzard’s Diablo series, Gauntlet and the Behemoth's Castle Crashers. Players take control of a Hero and battle their way through a series of randomly generated dungeons with up to four friends in an attempt to level up, acquire loot, and defeat as many monsters as possible.

    Launched in the last quarter of 2011, the game had over 1,500,000 active users each month on Facebook, Kongregate, and dungeonrampage.com. Reviewed as one of the best Action Adventure Social games, Dungeon Rampage had a 4.4 out of 5-star rating and was featured in the top twenty action-adventure games on Facebook. Dungeon Rampage was developed by the Los Angeles-based game company, Rebel Entertainment.

    Let the Rampage begin!


    Fans are bringing this game back as a Remake, check this Discord server for more information.

    You can now use the Navigation Page to navigate the Wiki more easily!

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    Character Classes

    There are eight different Classes the player can recruit from the local Tavern. They can be broadly classified into Melee, Range, Magic, and Healer classes. Or Tank, DPS, and Healer.

    The original series of these characters are termed "Classic" characters (I.e. - The Classic Berserker, The Classic Ranger, etc).

    Each hero can be recruited from the Tavern. They also have their own unique special move, called Dungeon Busters.

    Currently, the highest level possible is 100, turning Dungeon Rampage total of levels to 800 throughout the game.

    Can't pick a Hero? Try checking their Classes for more help!

    Skins Series

    Skins are extra styles that are applied to a hero. Owning a skin does not change the statistics of the hero character that the player has recruited. Currently, there are only two characters that have skins, namely the Berserker and Ghost Samurai.

    Berserker Series

    Ghost Samurai Series

    [Note: Skins can only be bought with Gems.]


    Red Dragon, War Rhino, and Night Wolf (Left to right)

    Each of your Heroes can equip a pet to rampage through the dungeons with them. Pets will follow you through the dungeon and attack any nearby enemies!

    Among them you have The Red Dragon, a tough fiery ranged pet, The War Rhino, a heavy melee tank, The Night Wolf a fierce loyal greedy pet and The Vorpal Bunny, an evil force of nature. All four of these pets can be purchased from the Shop for Gems.

    There are two Rare Limited Edition Pet, one of which is called the Dark Dragon, a variant of the Red Dragon, and the other one which is called the Shadow Wolf, and is a variant of the Night Wolf. They are currently unavailable for purchase.

    All pet's health is limited, and as a result, they can be killed in dungeons by enemies or traps, respawning only after 60 seconds. Pets are a one-time purchase, and all of your Heroes can travel with any of your pets.

    Pets can only be on one Hero at a time, so if you wish to switch the pet to another Hero, you need to do so in the Storage area.

    The game will have a pop-up warning notifying you that you are about to purchase a pet you again already have.


    There are two types of in-game currencies - Coins and Gems. These currencies can be used to recruit new characters or purchase items in the shop. There are some differences between coins and gems, the most basic being that coins are free, while gems cost real-world money. Additionally, players can buy coin packs with gems (but not the other way around).


    Players can collect Coins in multiple ways. They can grind for coins in the dungeon, destroy destructible items to receive coins, sell unwanted items, or kill enemies and defeat mini-bosses. Click on Coinsfor more information.


    The game uses Gems as its CASH currency also known as Real-Life Money. Click on Gems for more information.



    Battle Area

    The gates to the World Map. Here, you embark on your journey and defeat any dungeon that comes your way. You will begin on Rookie League Dungeons. Once completed, you can move up to Gladiator League. After you have crushed the lesser dungeons you move on to the Champion League, and If you manage to complete that and are still up for more, there is the final dungeon called The Grindhouse.

    So set off with your friends or like-minded allies and defeat those dungeons!

    The final League of the Battle Menu shows that another League will be coming soon. This is supported by the Facebook page that says Heroic League will be the next difficulty.


    At the Tavern, you're able to select any characters you have recruited and see the cost to recruit new heroes. Here, the most important information regarding your hero is displayed, such as hero description, Likes & Dislikes, Attack/Defense/Speed Ratings, Usable Weapon Types, Level, Experience, and Skins.

    Naturally, you can recruit Heroes and Skins in either the Tavern or Shop.


    This will be the most useful vendor you have ever seen. From this menu, you can explore the Featured Items & Sales, buy that Hero you've been looking to recruit, buy a new Style/Skin to add a twist to an old favorite, browse the ever-changing Weapon Selection, Pick up Revival Items & Boosters for those difficult dungeons, buy a companion for added fun & mayhem, or just give away some gifts to allies.

    Note: You always get 10% of the item's value when sold.

    Running low on coins? No problem! You can purchase more with Gems.

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